Welcome to the BREEAM In-Use online system. Please read the following information before continuing through to the registration form

Organization Setup

The first step in conducting a BREEAM In-Use Assessment is to register the Client Organization. The name of the organization entered at the registration stage will appear on any certificate issued for an assessment registered under this account.

Please note: If the organization is located in the United States, the BREEAM In-Use home page shown after login will be specific to the United States in order to allow for ease of use and to allow for US payments. Organizations will be able to carry out assessments on assets that are either outside of or within the US regardless of where the organization is registered.

Organization Portfolio Owner

Part of the organization registration is to set up the principle user and owner of the account. This user is referred to as the Portfolio Owner. The Portfolio Owner will have access to all portfolios and assets registered under the organization and will have the authority to manage all other users. The Portfolio Owner will also have access to the organization's administration and reporting functions that are not available to other users.

Performance Measurement Credit purchase

In order to complete the registration of an organization, a minimum of one (1) Performance Measurement credit must be purchased. This is done via a secure third party payment service.

The first Performance Measurement purchased will act as the first asset registration measurement.

    There are two types of registration measurements in the BREEAM In-Use Online system:
  1. BREEAM In-Use International Measurement Credit (BREEAM In-Use Fee Sheet FS021)
  2. BREEAM USA In-Use Performance Measurement (BREEAM USA In-Use Fee Sheet FS130)

Before the initial payment is made, the user is asked where the first assessment would be carried out. It is important that the correct Measurement type is selected, as the type of Measurement type that is bought determines where it can be used:

BREEAM In-Use International measurement credits can be used for assessments that are carried out internationally, except for assets that are located in the United States and for countries where BREEAM In-Use is operated by an NSO (please visit for a list of NSOs).

BREEAM USA In-Use Performance Measurements can only be used for assessments that are carried out on assets in the United States.


Once an individual becomes a licensed BREEAM In-Use Assessor (after attending the relevant BREEAM In-Use Assessor training course, passing the exam and paying the relevant license fee), an Assessor account is set up on the online system. Through this account, Assessors are able to verify assessments and send these in for certification. Assessors should use the username and password provided on issue of their license to login to their Assessor account. An Assessor account is used when a client has submitted an assessment to an Assessor for certification. It is not possible to register an asset/project through an Assessor account.

Important information for Assessors

If a Client requests an Assessor to register an organization on their behalf, the Assessor must obtain the necessary registration information from the client organization to complete the registration form. Certain information entered at the registration stage will appear on certificates issued for an assessment registered under the account. It is important that the Portfolio Owner belongs to the Client organization and that the registration is completed with Client details and not Assessor information.

Please read the terms and conditions and press ‘Accept’ to continue to the registration form.